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Free Games Without Wifi for Android: Don’t you love playing the challenging games on your Android Devices? Most of the guys say for this question. Because many people are interested in playing the games. It would be very excited if you start playing the Android games. And we have to play the games with an internet connection. Have you ever thought of playing the Free Games Without Wifi for Android? If not we have come up with this article which is very useful for the players who would love to play the games for free without using the internet connection.

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

These games are available in the App stores and therefore we can easily download them and as well as start playing them on our Android smartphones. In this page, you will know the list of best Free Games Without Wifi for Android. Yes in the below the section you can find the best games without a wifi connection.

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

It is not possible to have the internet connection all the time. Hence it becomes difficult to play the games without wifi. Therefore the developers have released the new games for the sake of users without having any Wifi. So check out the below list.

List of the Best Free Games Without Wifi 


Free Games Without Wifi for Android

This Badland is the 2D game which is set in the beautiful forests with full of various residents. The main theme of this game is that there is something wrong with the forest and you are one of forest dwellers, and you need to find out what’s the wrong is. All through the way you have to overcome the imaginative obstacles. It has the stunning physics game play with the high quality of graphics with audio to optimize the gameplay.

And it allows up to four multiplayer on the same device and also we can work together to enter into the different levels of the game. It has a 4.5-star rating with the audience.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

The Minecraft Pocket Edition is the true adventure game which is developed by the  Mojang. It is an infinite virtual world which allows using the blocky cubes for creating our virtual world. And it may be a bridge, clouds or buildings with the available materials like brick, stone or sand. The size of the Minecraft is the 76.23MB which is available on the Google Play Store.

Shadow Fight 2

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

This is the best game for the action lovers. And do you remember those Kung-fu movies with all the acrobatic moves and kicks? Well, this game exactly has the qualities mentioned above. Shadow Fight 2 is the 2D game which is based on the character ‘Shadow.’ This character had lost its physical body when he unleashed the powerful demons. It is having some stages to ensure that we will always have the enemy to fight. Shadow fight has some in-app purchase.

Infinity Loop

This game is a combination of simplicity and relaxation. The infinity loop involves connecting various curved shapes for creating the entire shape without any breaks. And in the dark mode, you need to break the full shape into the individual components. As the game goes on the difficulty level increases and we need to solve all the puzzles to reach the highest level. It is 4.05MB in size, and it is freely available on the Google Play Store.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the latest version of the Asphalt games. It is a true combination of the quality graphics, awesome cars, and speed. The new asphalt8 combines the stunt cars, arcades, and as well as an aircraft carrier. Asphalt is the pretty smooth game to win the cash prizes and upgrades to the new levels. This can be played offline. It is a free game in the Google Play Store but has the in-app purchase.

Despicable me

Free Games Without Wifi for Android

Despicable me is the 3D runner game where you can race the minions collecting the bananas when you jump, or just scramble against others. And in this game, we can run through the excellent locations inspired by the real movies. It is free to download the Google Play Store and also it is having the in-app purchase.

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