Best Free Games Without Wifi for iOS | Check out the Top Games Without Internet

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS: Everyone needs to play the game without having the wifi connection. So our team came forward to share you the best ways to get the Free Games Without Wifi for iOS. And sometimes it is not possible to play the games in online due to the failure of the internet connections. And hence it is better to have the offline games on your iOS device and start enjoying those games. Hence with the help of this article, we can choose the games of our choice like puzzle games, action games, quiz games, etc. And then start playing them without having the internet connection.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

Now we are presenting the list of the offline games for the iOS devices. Check out this article for the top best Free games without wifi for iOS.

List of Top Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

Yes in this article we have figured out the free games for the iOS device without any internet connection. This list includes the games like action, puzzles, sports, racing and fighting games, etc. Hence the readers can check the list of the games and choose the best one for you.

Top Best Free Games Without Internet Connection


The designer of the Tetris is inspired by the box of tetrominoes where the wooden shapes are tip out on a table and then attempts to fit them back into the box. Yes, 1010! Is having the basic idea and making the simple, engaging and endless puzzle. In each round, you will give three shapes. Among them, the smallest one is the one-by-one squares; the largest one uses the three-by-three blocks or long blocks with five. You need to complete a horizontal line or vertical line, and it vanishes.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS


It is the word game which is having the star bears in it. Alpha Bear is a pretty good simple game which is easy. The added complications arrive in the form of countdown timers. The letters start out as green, and if they are unused, they go into the yellow, orange and as well as red color. We have to ignore the red letters because they transform into the rocks, blocking bears. The bears in the Alphabear stretch to fill the available space. You will get the tall and thin bears and squat bears to fill the entire screen. And at the end of the round, these giant beasts result in the huge scores.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

The Battle of Polytopia

This game is formerly known as the Super Tribes. In the start of the battle of Polytopia, you need to find yourself in the little town which is surrounded by the unknown people. You will get 30 turns to explore locate and ally or attack the little empires, etc. And most of the game is based on the careful strategising by making use of the best-limited source allowances.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

Beneath the Lighthouse

This game turns out underneath a light house, and there you will find the death in the form of spinning rooms which have spikes all over the place. It is an action puzzler which is a combination of the deft finger-work. And all it requires a brain power which makes your way safely into the depths of the lighthouse. You can just drag the on-screen wheel to shift to the circular rooms. The clever bit is the level design which starts off slightly challenging and becomes murderous as the game goes on.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

Blocky HighWay

In this game, the open road stretched forever, and still, it is a busy road with countless vehicles, and you need to avoid them. Even there is the slightest crash then your truck throws back into the air returning to the ground as a heap of twisted and blackened pixels. You can get a chance of touch or tilt controls. It is quite something for your chunky vehicle to zig-zag along the busy free way.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

Cally’s Caves 3

The main story of Cally’s Caves 3 is that Cally’s parents have been Kidnapped for the third time by the evil scientist. She then rescues them and by leaping about the place and blowing away the manner of the adversaries using the high-powered weapons. It is easy to find yourself replaying the trio of levels again and again.

Free Games Without Wifi for iOS

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